Allied Moulded

Non-Metallic fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) enclosures, NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 (UL & CSA). Sizes from 7x4x3 to 72x49x25. Also have PVC junction boxes from 4x4x2 to 12x12x6.


Intermittent slip, centrifugal, overrunning, bi-directional, and single revolution clutches, torque limitors, discount clutches, electric shaft brakes, and caliper disc brakes for industrial applications. Also available are centrifugal clutches, wheel clutches, auto lock differential and other drive train.

Aeros USA
AerosUSA is a leading supplier of wire and cable protection products to a wide array of industries. We represent only leading global manufacturers known for the quality and performance of their products. Furthermore, these suppliers continually innovate and introduce many new products to meet the changing needs of the industrial market. We are the exclusive US representative for Flexa GmbH and the largest US distributor for AGRO AG.


As the first company to introduce a general-purpose drive in Korea and the undisputed leader in the field of drives, LSIS developed iS7 drives, which provide advanced embedded functions and PLC (K120S), and recently released next generation products such as high voltage drives through continuous technology development.
The company has had its products recognized as employing optimum solutions in Several industrial fields such as cranes, elevators, steel manufacturing, automobiles, air conditioning, and water treatment plants. Today, the company is expanding its market share both in Korea and overseas.

Panel interface connectors, cable gland, valve connectors, cables & receptacles, DeviceNet connectors, junction blocks, ILME connectors.


MTE Corporation was formed in 1982 by bringing together Milwaukee Transformer Co., Transformer Design Inc. and Milwaukee Electronics Corp. – companies that specialized in different fields of magnetics and transformer designs and were long established in their respective fields. MTE vaulted into a leadership role in power quality with its unique AC reactor design and passive filter expertise. MTE continues to grow as a global leader with innovative Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection Filters and Sinewave Filters.

Now with the addition of TEAL Electronics in 2016, MTE brings a continuum of power quality solutions unmatched in the industry. Building on TEAL’s reputation of high-efficiency transformers and durable power conditioning and distribution units for demanding applications, MTE is building the best power quality company by capitalizing on the individual strength of each while bringing a new dimension in management, marketing, and quality.


POBCO Plastics leads in Machining, Extruding, and Molding Conveyor Components and Friction-Reducing Parts for Conveyors, Food Machinery, Beverage Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Amusement Park Rides, Exercise Equipment, Material Handling Machinery, Marine Equipment, Chemical Industry, Textile Machinery, etc.

STOBER produces the highest quality gearboxes in the world. With over 80 years of gearing experience, STOBER is the gold standard. We build and ship in one day, complete quotes within one hour, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our motion control products are backed by a five year warranty, and our power transmission products are backed by a three year warranty. The best people, processes, and products help us be geared to a higher standard.


The Transtecno Group designs, produces and markets a complete range of power transmission solutions: gearboxes (wormgearboxes, helical in-line gearboxes, helical bevel, helical parallel or planetary gearboxes) and AC or DC electric motor.


For nearly 70-years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative motion and control technologies such as servo-rated shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless shaft bushings. We have an international reputation for innovative designs that provide the quality, durability and performance required for demanding applications.

SNC Manufacturing Company Inc.

Founded in 1946, SNC Manufacturing Company, Inc., is a premier manufacturer and marketer of electrical transformers, utility products, and information and communication products.

It was in 1946 that John Vette, Jr., purchased Glenview, Ill. based SNC, named after its original owner, Swain Nelson. Under Vette’s leadership, the company quickly made a name for itself by building electrical transformers for the television and radio industries. Two years later, to keep pace with increasing orders and to better serve customers, Vette moved the company to Oshkosh, Wis., where he and his family owned land for the needed expansion. The company continued to grow even more during the next two decades, and in 1966, leaders broke ground on a new facility that is now SNC Manufacturing’s current location on Waukau Avenue in Oshkosh.